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Here’s how you can legally exploit Instagram to get all the traffic, subscribers and sales you could ever possibly need and ethically build an A+ brand people love very fast...

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So listen closely, because...

If you’re tired of blowing money on Facebook ads, Google Adwords, or blogging until your fingers bleed...

... then let me show you a much easier way to get all the free traffic you need in 2016 and beyond.

I’m talking about Instagram.

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” which is probably why...

Instagram is EXPLODING right now!

Instagram has 500 million users

Engagement is 10 times higher than Facebook, 58X times higher than Pinterest, and 84X higher than Twitter

A third of Instagram users have used their mobile to purchase a product online

Reach 100% of your followers per post... compared to just 6% on Facebook!

And you know what’s really awesome…?

Instagram is still totally UNTAPPED with
hardly any “real” competition!

Right now there's a 'sweet spot' where Instagram has grown up and
there's tons of users, but no real giant corporate brands sucking up
traffic and engagement yet.

Now is the perfect time for marketers to consider Instagram. Only 36% of marketers currently use Instagram, so it will be easier to build a following because there is less competition

You don’t need to be a celebrity or big brand to get Instagram traffic!

And believe it or not, you don’t need to take selfies of your butt to get ton of followers, likes and sales on Instagram

Check it out...

Look at the mass number of followers & traffic these brands recently got after
struggling on Facebook & Google with little to show for:

Plus, we recently ran a test to see how many followers, clicks and sales we
could get from new beta users from complete scratch...

The results blew our mind…

"After struggling and getting just trickles of traffic from Instagram, ConjureGram immediately starting bringing floods of followers and real traffic after a few days of use"
— Emmy, beta tester
ConjureGram has brought me thousands of followers in just a few days use, I would have stopped blogging and wasting PPC money if I knew about this beforehand
— Caleb O., beta tester

Can you imagine getting that amount of traffic & real followers from your
next Facebook or Google Adwords ad in only a week?

How long would it take to blog, guest post or SEO your way to that
amount of FREE traffic?

But I have a confession...

We have a secret shortcut that most
"NON-CELEBRITIES" will never know about…

If you’ve ever tried to get traffic and sales on Instagram, you know
the struggle is real…

Creating and sharing stuff that you **think** people will like

Wrestling with complicated editing tools to create images and videos that are Instagram ready

Hash-tagging your heart out, hoping to get noticed

Staying up late at night to post at the “perfect time.”

Bleeding money on 'auto scheduling' tools that actually require 3rd party apps or aren't even cloud based & mobile friendly


And the result?

A couple of comments, a few likes and a handful of followers…

… but ZERO website visitors, subscribers or sales.

We searched high and low for an easier way to market our products and add incredible value to build a solid brand people actually cared about on Instagram.

We spent days trying to find something that could make it easier, faster and more fool-proof…

… but we came up empty.

Nobody had created the kind of tool we needed. In fact, there wasn't even any options to try out when it came to video scheduling or editing.

So we decided to create our own breakthrough Instagram tool that gives you a truly unfair advantage to all the FREE traffic you’ll ever need.


The ultimate shortcut to endless FREE traffic from Instagram

If you think Kim Kardashian is the only person who can get tons of traffic and money from Instagram, think again…

See how Conjure Gram finally takes the guesswork and grunt work out of Instagram marketing…

… and will give you a HUGE shortcut to all the free traffic, leads and sales your business badly needs here:

See how easy it is to use:

Just some of the valuable features packed into CONJURE GRAM include:

100% Handsfree Scheduling and Re-Scheduling of Image Posts

Schedule your regular or image posts by the hour, day, month or year, with no 3rd party apps, desktop softwares, or browser extensions needed! (First ever to do this)

Plus, you can choose to schedule the post multiple-times instead of just once on autopilot for even more traffic!

Cloudbased & Mobile Friendly

Nothing to download. No 3rd party extensions. Create, edit and schedule your Instagram posts anywhere and you don't need to leave your computer running.

Fast Image Editing

Trim your images to perfect Instagram dimensions. Draw doodles. Insert overlays. You can even add watermarks to your images to brand your biz and drive traffic. The possibilities are endless.

Fast Video Editing

Now you can trim your own videos or ANY YouTube or Vimeo videos for perfect Instagram time length. Insert any video, trim, then download to your computer to post later to Instagram.

Run Auto Follow Campaigns

Build a massive, relevant following while you sleep by auto-following target users by hashtags or a geo location you set (amazing for local businesses).

Hashtag Spy

Tap into tidal traffic waves with fresh hash tags that piggy back red hot trends in your industry. See the hash tags that are heating up and use them in your posts for an instant hit of free traffic.

Run Auto Commenting & Sharing Campaigns

Auto comment hands free on timeline feed images, popular feed images, relevant-viral posts, or on influencers posts hands-free. Get traffic, followers, and build relationships fast on autopilot. WOW

Deep Analytics to See What's Working

See detailed stats and analytics to quickly know what campaigns and posts to focus on and which ones aren't driving traffic.

Connect Multiple Instagram Accounts

Now you can use multiple Instagram accounts for all your projects, niches and staff members.

100% Instagram Compliant

Unlike other apps, Conjure Gram is fully compliant with Instagram’s TOS. And advanced features to make sure your account is never in jeopardy of being flagged.

Run Auto Liking Campaigns

Liking relevant images is one of the fastest ways to build a real following and now you can do it completely hands free with this feature. Choose what images you want to like, set schedule time between images, and go. It's that easy.

Build your followers and rake in mountains of
free traffic, in 4 SIMPLE STEPS


Set up your auto-commenting, auto-following, and auto-liking campaigns to start
getting real followers hands-free. For even faster growth, use ConjureGram to find
relevant influencers you can start interacting with.


Then, find some viral hashtags and ideas with ConjureGram to piggypack off of and
make your posts around. You can also quickly check your feeds right inside the tool
for trending content ideas!


Auto comment or auto-schedule your images to be shared hands-free
over and over with your new relevant followers... to pile on the traffic and get even
more followers.


Rinse and repeat until you have tons of engaged followers and a steady
stream of targeted traffic coming in daily!

And that’s it…

Now you can tap into 500,000 MILLION
Instagram users starting tonight!

You don’t need creativity

Conjure Gram shows you what’s already popular and proven in your niche

You don’t need time

Conjure Gram allows you to edit and piggyback off of already popular content in seconds

You don’t need to be awake

Conjure Gram automatically publishes your posts even while you’re sleeping! It even builds your following completely hands free, too.

Build a huge, relevant following from total scratch even!

Don't have any following to begin with to send the scheduled posts to? No problem.

With the Auto-Like, Auto-Comment, and Auto-Follow features you can build a massive
following BEFORE you even schedule one post or video

Don’t accept cheap imitations!

Even though some 3rd party apps can remind you to post to Instagram, they won’t automatically post for you.

Or worse... claim that they don't require 3rd party apps but DO require you to have your computer running all day and don't work with mobile.

So those videos or pictures you have on your phone to use to build your brand on Instagram? Just erase them now.

Conjure Gram is a true breakthrough 100% cloud tool that allows you to automatically schedule and publish your posts…

without 3rd party internet browser extensions that require you to leave your laptop running all day (and may cause bugs and viruses.)

And because it’s 100% cloud-based you can use it from anywhere in the world. No 3rd parties, no additional tools. No weird bugs.

It’s like having an “Instagram robot”
working 24/7 to send you FREE traffic!

Imagine being able to uncover the exact pics, videos and hashtags that are getting traffic in your niche – along with the influencers that are posting them?

And being able to quickly watermark, edit and trim your images and videos so they’re instantly Instagram friendly...

and being able to follow, like, and comment on TONS of relevant accounts and images with just a click...

… then simply sitting back and relaxing, while all your posts are published for you, even when you’re sleeping, traveling, or just chilling by the pool?

Now you can.

But does it work?


Conjure Gram helped us pull in tons of followers, likes
and sales within days…

We're making $7k per month now and thanks to the software we've built up tons of
traffic & followers from scratch, hands-free in private while testing the app:

16k+ real followers hands free:

& tons of real engagement & clicks on each post on autopilot, too

And our beta testers have been getting even better results:

"After struggling and getting just trickles of traffic from Instagram, ConjureGram immediately starting bringing floods of followers and real traffic after a few days of use"
— Emmy, beta tester
"ConjureGram brought me thousands of followers in just a few days of testing. Way faster and easier than what I was doing before."
— Caleb O., beta tester
"I spent years trying to build my following and list with blogging, Facebook, and video ranking. Immediately after jumping to Instagram while using ConjureGram I have thousands of real followers and subs, I can't believe it."
— Tes Onyia

And even more:

Plus, Instagram is WAY more than just
passive traffic!

It's about helping you building trust and an awesome following like no other platform can to help do mega product launches like this over and over like we do with loyal followers and subscribers:

If that wasn't enough, we're going to
guarantee you get massive results

On top of the revolutionary Conjure Gram software, we
are going to give you are premium Conjure Gram
Academy training course

There's actually a step-by-step 'blueprint' for having massive success extremely fast on Instagram that you won't hear from other so called Instagram 'gurus'…

and it's all outlined here in our premium, never given away or sold course called Conjure Gram Academy

Inside you're going to learn Instagram growth and
traffic secrets like:

Our bulletproof method to getting a steady stream of 100 new Instagram followers per day

How to position your Instagram profile to guarantee that new followers start engaging and asking for your business

How to keep on adding fresh followers on autopilot even if you no time at all to spend on Instagram

Our secret way to design catchy Instagram Graphics in just 2 minutes that are guaranteed to generate huge engagement (even if you have no experience)

Our strategy for finding out any exact target market on Instagram and marketing to them, without paying a dime for advertising!

How to build an email list of prospects right from Instagram even if you don’t have a website

Plus, Conjure Gram 'best use' tactics for fast results

And tons more. It's divided into 5 different pillars of learning including:

Pillar 1: Setting up your
Instagram account correctly

We will show you exactly how to set up your Instagram profile in a way that best projects you as a serious business and will 3x engagement

Pillar 2: Content Creation

Here, you will learn how we create fresh, engaging images in just 2 minutes a day that are guaranteed to drive traffic and build your following, with no prior graphic editing experience

Pillar 3: Free Follower Magnet

We will show you the secret strategy that we use to attract 100-140 fresh and targeted followers every single day, without paying a dime for advertising

Pillar 4: Paid Advertising

We’ll show you the 2 main methods you use to ramp things up and get even more followers with paid methods

Pillar 5: Lead Generation

We’ll show you how to easily create landing pages so that you can build your list by converting your followers to email subscribers from Instagram

& more to actually make sure
you get results fast.

Warning: This special offer will
disappear soon...

Soon, this low launch price will be increased to honor the early birds who jump on this fast.

And after this launch is over Conjure Gram will no longer be available as a one-time only deal.

Storing tons of videos on our server to automatically post is not a cheap task so we really have no choice but to make this a reoccuring, high monthly priced product.

Don’t let your special deal slip away.
Buy now to lock in your discount before it’s gone forever.

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Stop wasting time and money on
“dinosaur” traffic methods!

  • Forget Facebook ads that force you to pay to reach your own fans (and still get practically zero views and clicks)
  • Forget Google ads that force you to pay $5 per click, and constantly reject your ads
  • Forget years of blogging in exchange for a few backlinks
  • Forget hit n’ miss SEO that takes years to master, and even longer to reach page #1

Instagram is loaded
with millions of buyers who are actively looking for your products every day…

… and Conjure Gram allows you to instantly tap into this endless stream of traffic easier than ever before!

Which makes it…

The perfect solution for
traffic-starved ecommerce stores,
coaches and affiliate marketers…

From store owners to niche affiliates, local consultants to online coaches…
… there has never been an easier way to reach millions of targeted buyers for free…

Store owners…

put up pics of awesome new products that inspire and wow people in your niche!


put up memes or video tips to presell, educate and create authority in your niche.

Consultants & Coaches…

put up inspirational quotes to get people to take action!

There’s just so many ways to tap into Instagram traffic…

… and with Conjure Gram you’re getting
a seriously “unfair” advantage…

Eliminate the guesswork and see exactly which Instagram posts are getting traffic in your niche.

Spy on proven posts (No more guesswork)

Uncover trending hashtags (Jump on trending traffic before your competitors)

No design or tech skills needed (edit, resize and even watermark your images and videos with push button simplicity)

Truly set and forget (Conjure Gram takes care of your Instagram publishing schedule for you!)

Fast and easy to get started (Nothing to download – 100% cloud based)

And it won’t cost you
$100’s either!

Many social media marketing tools can cost anywhere from $20 to $150 or more per month.

Other tools that claim to automate your Instagram publishing start at $60 per month, and don’t even offer the same spy tools, editing features and true-auto posting features that Conjure Gram offers.

(Believe me, I’ve done the research… that’s why we spent so much time and money creating Conjure Gram for my own use!)

But for a limited time, you can get LIFETIME access to Conjure Gram with NO MONTHLY CONTRACTS for an unbelievable low price

Yep, that’s right…
for a limited time there are no
monthly costs!

For a one-time investment you can finally turn on the Instagram traffic, faster and
easier than ever before.

Get Conjure Gram and Conjure Gram Academy Now!

Get ConjureGram Now

Can you afford to stay in the dark ages of traffic generation?

Right now, you’re blowing time and money on “old skool” traffic methods…

Google AdWords is complicated, slow and freakin’ expensive.

Facebook Ads are getting harder and harder to cut through the noise and more complicated to set up.

SEO is practically impossible these days and totally unreliable.

And blogging is just exhausting.

Can you afford to spend days, weeks or even years battling away with these dinosaur traffic methods?

With Instagram, it doesn’t get much easier.

Post a cool pic or video.

Use some trending hashtags.

Rinse and repeat.

And now with Conjure Gram, it’s even easier.

We’ll show you the exact pics, videos and hashtags that are getting traffic in your niche – along with the influencers that are posting them.

We’ll even give you tools to edit on the fly, then post automatically, so you can rake in FREE traffic wherever you are in the world (or even when you’re sleeping!)

You have two choices...
11. Spend years trying to get traffic from the oversaturated, overpriced methods that have been done-to-death…
22. Tap into 400,000 million people who are using Instagram right now, and start raking in free daily traffic with the power of mobile video and viral images.

You know, the platform real traffic gurus like Gary Vaynerchuk are using themselves to create passive followings?

Test-drive CONJURE GRAM today and stop letting your competitors steal all the traffic in your niche.

But hurry, I’m about to pull this offer down...

I simply cannot afford to give such a powerful tool away
for mere pennies anymore.

We need the bandwidth to support videos and new developers,
so we simply cannot afford to give this away for such a
small one-time only fee.

Once this launch is over, we will be switching to a monthly SaaS
service, which means access to Conjure Gram will come at a
monthly fee, and that fee will probably be several times higher
than the tiny price you’re getting in for today.

My advice is… grab this now and lock in your crazy low deal,
before you kick yourself later

Plus, you're 100% covered by our Instagram

ConjureGram Lite

- No ConjureGram Academy
- No Auto Commenting
- Connect Just 1 Account
- No Rescheduling of Posts

(Price is monthly subscription) ConjureGram Lite

ConjureGram Pro
(Most popular edition)

- All Features Included
- Access to Academy Training
- Connect Multiple Accounts

(Price is monthly subscription) ConjureGram Pro

No monthly costs or contracts.
30 Day “Love it or Leave it” Guarantee

P.S - Every day you're missing out on tons of FREE traffic that’s waiting for you on Instagram. Why spend another day or another dollar on outdated, overpriced traffic methods that clearly don’t work like they used to?

Be the revolutionary marketer than finally breaks through the rut…

… and leap ahead of the struggling sheep to rake in all the FREE, targeted traffic you can handle off Instagram.


… this super low price will increase every 24hrs, and I plan to remove this offer completely, once this launch is over. Act now, before it’s too late.

Don’t leave your traffic and sales to chance…

Order now, before the next price increase, and before I
pull this offer down completely

Will this harm my Instagram Account?
No, these features are all in Instagram's updated TOS and work with their API. However, if you blatantly spam the platform and provide zero value you will risk losing your account... same as if you were spamming and not following the rules manually without software.
Can I control when the comments, posts, and auto likes go out?
Yes, we've designed the software so you can control 100% of everything. You can choose different times between the auto comments or auto likes, choose what images you want to comment on, choose the specific dates & times the campaigns will run, etc.
Will there be training videos to help guide me through how to use this and the best practices?
Yes, there are tutorial videos for both ConjureGram 'Lite' version and the 'Pro' version. However, if you don't get the 'Pro' version you will NOT get access to the ConjureGram Academy where we show you the fastest ways to get traffic and build your Instagram account from scratch.
What's the difference between 'Pro' and 'Lite' version?
With the 'Pro' version, you'll get everything mentioned on this salespage including the ConjureGram Academy training and ability to connect multiple accounts. However with the 'Lite' version you can only connect 1 account and won't get the ability to run auto commenting campaigns to build your account faster, and you won't be able to 'reschedule' your posts to post multiple times on auto pilot.
Will I get support and updates to this?
YES! You'll get updates and support with no monthly fees during the special discount price today only. Your purchase includes full support and core updates to v1.0 of ConjureGram. There is an optional renewal if you want to upgrade to future versions and continued support.
How do I make money with this? What niches or industries work best for Instagram?
Instagram is kinda like Facebook was a few years ago, so it's like asking what industries or niches is Facebook good for? The answer is all of them. There are literally hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram (and it's growing faster than any network) interested and passionate about all sorts of topics. This will work for affiliate marketers, product creators, offline businesses, and certainly ecommerce/shopify owners
How many posts can I schedule per day?
With 'Lite' you can schedule 40 image or regular posts per day. With the 'Pro' version, however, you can schedule 100 image posts per day. Video posts are not supported through the scheduler at this time. To post a video you can use the editor, then download to your desktop to post later to Instagram or upload to your phone. However, we will have an update that will allow you to auto-schedule your videos as well in the coming weeks.

Get Conjure Gram and Conjure Gram Academy Here!