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Dear Friends, We’d like to give you some solid business advice. Don’t be afraid to be a copycat.

After all, there’s no easier or faster way to make it in business than to follow the lead of someone who’s already successful.

Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already discovered what people want to buy. . . and how to sell it to them?

Smart marketers discover what’s working for others and scale it up. Period.

After all, there’s no point going out on a limb and investing time and money on your campaigns until you know for certain they’ll succeed. Pouring money into unproven marketing “hunches” is the fastest way to the poorhouse.

So how do YOU find out what’s already working for others in YOUR niches?

Bad news: there are no short cuts to setting up MASSIVE campaigns with jaw-dropping ROI....

You’ve Gotta Research Like a PhD to Make it With Online Marketing These Days...

Most product top sellers won’t tell you this dirty little secret.

Their success isn’t in being the most original marketer in their niche. It comes from COPYING what the competition is doing right and putting their own spin on it. The most successful marketers research like their financial lives DEPEND on it . . . because it DOES!

Top sellers spend hours-and-hours in DAILY research...they scope out social media for the hottest selling products every single day.

  • They’re checking out Facebook for viral ads.
  • Spend hours noting the hottest t-shirt designs on Pinterest and Instagram
  • They comb through the other guys’ eCommerce stores to find ‘perfect fit’ products for their own niche.
  • They’re always collecting data. Crunching numbers. Testing, testing, testing.
  • And they also rack up hefty monthly fees for the all the research tools they need to dominate their competition

After hearing this, you might be asking right now:

“Ben, what chance do I have? I’m a one-person marketing business. 

I have a limited amount of time every day I can devote to research . . . and I don’t have the deep pockets to hire assistants and drop big recurring fees on multiple research softwares!”

Don’t worry if this describes your situation right now. . . because it’s not going to be this way for much longer.

We decided it was high time to give everyone the same research advantages of the top marketing teams on the planet . . . no matter how big or small your business is

It Was As if James Bond and a Psychic with a Crystal Ball Had a Love Child Together...

 We looked around, and couldn’t find anything close to what we wanted in a research tool without forking out steep recurring fees. 

So we said “To heck with it!” and created our own spy software. 

We created a suite of spy tools which could give anyone, even brand-new marketers, a virtual “crystal ball” to peer into the hottest campaigns and product offerings around on social media. 

And we put the works inside a web app, so anyone could access it from anywhere. The suite combines ninja spy tools with a dash of prediction about the hottest up-and-coming trends . . . 

it was like infusing James Bond’s best spy gadgets with a crystal ball into the future.

It brought us back results like THIS:

While we were stoked about how much our app was helping us to mount wildly profitable campaigns, it STILL wasn’t good enough.

We had to make sure marketers who used it could scale their campaigns up fast . . . spend a fraction of the time they’d previously spent slaving over research. . . while seeing HUGE ROI on their campaigns. . . no matter what their level of experience was.

ONLY then we’d know we’d knocked it out of the park. 

And now you’ve seen the power of this web app... for yourself, it’s time to look inside and see what it can do for you:

Friends, check out these results and testimonials:

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The World’s 1st Web-Based Tool Suite for SPYING On The Most Profitable Campaigns on Social Media

Start Creating Winning Campaigns And Make Money

Right From The First Minute You Set Up Your First Campaign Today.

Watch the Demo Video Below to Discover How SpyFy Cracks

Open The Deepest Secrets of Your Fiercest Competition.

InJust in case you missed any of the powerful features shown in the video above, here’s a quick recap of the most important features within SpyFy:

Here's a Sneak Peak of Everything Under the Hood of this BreakthroughTool :

Module 1: Trending Term Search:

Module 2: FB Ad Tool

And because it’s web-based, you’ll never get annoying notifications to update your copy every time you turn around. We handle updates for you.

And of course, you’ll receive full training on how to make the most of SpyFy’s powerful, yet easy-to-use features.

The only tech skills you need to get started with SpyFy is entering your username and password - it’s so simple a kindergartener could use it.

In just minutes, you’ll scope out what your biggest competitors want to keep hidden, even if you have ZERO prior experience spying on your competition.

Module 3: TeeShirt Module

Hundreds of savvy marketers have made their fortunes in recent years with t-shirt marketing . . . 

and it’s popularity shows no signs of letting up. SpyFy digs deep to uncover similar campaigns in different niches to build powerhouse profits for you. 

We didn’t limit searches to just one t-shirt platform either. 

SpyFy returns results from the popular tee platforms of Teespring, Fabrily, Sun Frog, Viral Style, Tee Chip, Teezily and Represent so you get access to campaign information you won’t see from our competitors’ tools

Module 4: Ecommerce 

(The most explosive industry)

SpyFy uncovers top products, rankings, and traffic stats from major eCommerce platforms Shopify, Amazon & Ebay

Module 5: SEO 

Keeping tabs on your competition’s SEO efforts is key to dominating them in the search engine rankings.

Module 6: YouTube Video Analytics

Getting on the top of YouTube’s rankings has a double benefit - because YouTube is a Google property, YouTube videos often rank at the top of the Google search results as well. Here’s how SpyFy helps you get the YouTube rankings you need to completely decimate your competition:

Module 7: Brainstorm

SpyFy’s Brainstorm module unleashes clever designs and viral content from popular sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Skreened, Zazzle, and Cafe Press. 

Brainstorm also finds quotes based on your keywords for instant campaign inspiration.

Module 8: Bookmarking

Never forget a great campaign idea again because you can save all of your searches to SpyFy’s My Favorites module..

And there are even MORE outstanding features in SpyFy designed for an all-out tactical assault on your fiercest competition. . .

however, we decided to keep this section as brief as possible while highlighting the major features.

And if you think for a single minute we’re about to stop here. . . well, guess again.

While any single module inside SpyFy would be absolutely worth the rock-bottom price we’re asking for this entire suite of spy tools . . . we’re about to sweeten the pot even further

While we could EASILY charge hundreds, you'll be shocked at how low you can get access. 

The difference between a profitable marketer and one who fails to make bank is due to two main factors: 

  • Knowing in advance which campaigns & products appeal most to your target audience 
  • Keeping your ad costs down to a minimum by ‘copying-and-pasting’ proven ad creatives to new niches and campaigns 

If you haven’t figured it out just yet, the difference between profit pulling campaigns and bleeding cash comes from the quality of your research ... PERIOD. 

Guessing what works isn’t going to cut it if you’re a serious business owner, friends. 

You’ll no longer struggle to target ad audiences. You won’t be fumbling as hot trends break. 

You’ll never be at a loss for inspiration for your new campaigns or entering new niches. 

It’s why SpyFy can change your fortunes for the better.

Imagine How Your Life Will Change After SpyFy. . .

If you're still holding back, if you still haven't committed to purchasing SpyFy yet, Let's remove all the risk for You... You can try Spyfy for a Full 30-days without worry:

Only this time…

Forget the usual B.S. hype.

If you want to get ahead of the curve, and LEGALLY spy on your competitors, without all the risk involved and make MORE MONEY....this is for YOU...

Now’s the moment of truth. . . there’s only one question to ask yourself right now. . . 

Are YOU Ready to 100% Commit Yourself To Building a Passive Income With SpyFy Over The Next 30 Days?

If you’ve honestly answered "YES", then promise yourself this is the moment your life changes

No more excuses. 

Not when we’ve made it this simple to get profit pulling campaigns and given you all the tools you need to succeed.

 We promise to do our part to help you earn the income you crave, if you’ll do yours.

 So what are you waiting for? It’s time to make your Income dreams come true with SpyFy. . . and get in on our special launch pricing while it’s still available.

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Price increases in:


Competitive Analysis Has NEVER Been Easier Than Now... Even For Absolute Beginners 

We are absolutely delighted to bring you this simple-to-use web-based app designed to let you profit on other people’s hard work. 

As we mentioned earlier, viewing already profitable campaigns and products, and copying them for your own is the single biggest concept you can use to get into profits fast. 

Before now, solopreneurs and small business owners were held back by the sky-high cost of competition spy tools . . . which can run as much as $139/month or more.

This why we’re so stoked we can provide you with so much value for so little.

With SpyFy, we’ve given you EVERYTHING you need to mount profitable campaigns fast - even if you’re just getting started in marketing. . . backed by a full 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. 

Make the right decision now to save time, effort and money on your campaigns... make the decision to invest in SpyFy now, while you can still get it for less - just click on the button below.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified uponrequest. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is aninherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.